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The Bay of Many Coves Resort

The Bay of Many Coves, New Zealand


There are few locations in the world where you can so easily discover the romance of one of Nature’s finest sanctuaries. Set in the heart of the Marlborough Sounds, our luxury five-star resort-style accommodation nestles amid a rolling landscape of untouched native bush that reaches down to kiss the shoreline of our tranquil bay. Whether you are seeking world-class cuisine, breath-taking scenery, the spirit of adventure or simply a sense of renewal, our passion is to share the serenity that comes with those moments when we can simply be ourselves.


Overlooking the Bay of Many Coves, this upscale waterfront resort is 2 km from Ruakaka Bay and 8 km from Punga Cove Resort. There are plenty of activities to do such as kayaking or even swim with the dolphins. Enjoy visits from the dolphins, orcas and seals, guests feel at one with nature when these magnificent creatures come to visit. The Resort is surrounded by an eco-marine haven where unique birdlife abounds.
Map co-ordinates: -41.192866, 174.150944


Discover a new kind of five-star luxury lodge in the Marlborough Sounds, this luxurious retreat is a sanctuary in every sense, surrounded by the timeless beauty of Nature herself in the Marlborough Sounds. Relax in The Miritu Spa, nothing eases the soul and relaxes the body like a professional spa treatment. A place to relax, escape the everyday and discover the exceptional landscapes of the surrounding area. 


  • One of the highlights of a visit to the Marlborough Sounds is an up-front encounter with our marine wildlife.
  • Go see the famous glow worms 
  • Experience Marlborough’s Wine & cuisine – the world’s best Sauvignon Blanc 
  • Explore the surrounding area, kayak you way down the shattered bay & beautiful coastline 

At A Glimpse

Immerse yourself in our pristine natural setting, with bush that extends down to the very water’s edge of our secluded bay. Internationally-renowned walking tracks and adventure cruises await you on our doorstep. And, with world-class chefs close at hand, you are dedicated to a unique experience that is unforgettable. 

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