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Falling for South America


A narrow coastal country located in South America along the west coast, Chile is a unique and beautiful country. Chile is known for its stunning natural scenery, where you will find soaring peaks and rushing rivers, condors flying high above in the sky, and clear starry nights. Once home to the Incas, here you will find a deep cultural history full of colorful traditions and ancient ruins.

Chile is home to the Atacama desert, a very unique desert, where you will find the Awasi resort nestled among the historic ruins. The Awasi is a luxurious haven from which to explore all that the region has to offer as well as to return to after each adventure to refresh and prepare for the next. 


The Awasi experience is tailor made just to fit you. Each day your excursions are private and exclusive. You will have your own car and driver guide to help you craft your own adventure to meet your preference and pace. 

There is much to see and explore in the Atacama desert. Known as the driest and most desolate desert in the world, it will surprise you with its stark, dramatic and awe-inspiring beauty. In the immensity of this desert, you will be amazed at what can be found and seen.

The excursions each day range  from walks and hikes to horseback  or bike rides. You may find yourself on trips to hidden villages in the valley, lagoons or digging at an archaeological site. 

Although known as the most desolate desert in the world, Atacama offers much in adventure and exploration. 


Located in San Pedro de Atacama, the Awasi is surrounded by history and culture. San Pedro is considered to be the archaeological capital of Chile and it is surrounded by immense natural beauty. Laying nearby is the country's largest salt flat its edges dotted with volcanoes. There are natural thermal hot spots to soak in as well. With the clearest skies in the world, dark doesn't mean the adventures end either. There is virtually no light pollution at all in the area, so the night sky is a feast for the eye, with stunning view of the celestial bodies. It is said that the high qualities of quartz and copper in the region, give the people positive energy, which is why the spot is so addictively relaxing. 


Located near city centre within easy reach of the all that San Pedro, the Awasi is your paradise. At the Awasi the most consistent theme is luxury. From your suite, to your adventure, to you experience everything is made to fit you. It is your holiday and you should be the one who crafts it.

In the Atacama desert explore the brilliant rock structures, the start, yet beautiful landscapes and the witness the untamed wildlife. 

In San Pedro immerse yourself in the ancient culture and take a journey through history. Known as the silent witness to the passage of time, San Pedro hold a rich story waiting to be told. 

In Awasi, hidden behind the adobe walls, is the secret haven reserved just for guests to relax, unwind and rest. Embark on a the most personalized and relaxing adventure of a lifetime when you travel to this Chilean retreat under clear skies. 


Enclosed within an ancient site, that once housed the shepherds and herders of the region you are given a taste of Inca culture.

At Awasi Atacama, there are eight suites each encased in privacy, the adobe structures are not only authentic and beautiful but also functional. Constructed with natural materials of stone, adobe and wood with thatched roofs, the suites are built in traditional circular shapes to keep them cool in the heat of the day but warm during the brisk nights. Each suite is composed of large rooms, and big bathrooms that open up to private patios, with a solarium as well as indoor and outdoor showers. 

At the pool you can enjoy the warm atacama sunshine and when the sun goes down the fire pit will be lit. The bar under the stars allows you to marvel at the perfect skies above. 

Here you will enjoy a fine dining experience crafted by chef Juan Pablo Mardones. He has created a sophisticated menu that combines the best of the local cuisine and international influences. 

Useful Info

Remember, if you’re making the trip from the Northern hemisphere the seasons are inverted down in Chile. The Atacama Desert is not actually particularly hot and is better known as one of the driest deserts in the world.  In the summer months of early December to late February, temperatures in the desert can reach up to 38°C/100°F and there’s often very little shade. In the winter, June to August, the average daytime temperatures are 22°C/72°F. At any time of year, temperatures at night in the Atacama Desert can be bitterly cold, even below freezing, at night. And remember that if you travel to some of the popular nearby attractions at a high altitude, such as the Tatio Geysers, temperatures may be even lower and can hit minus double figures at night. Be prepared for the range of temperature that can be experienced during the day.  

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