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Posted by Eileen Cordero,

2nd February 2021

With its rugged coastlines and plethora of green pastures, Ireland boasts some of the freshest produce across the globe. The relatively small island nation packs a large punch when it comes to the multitude of diverse culinary offerings it provides. From food trails in quaint seaside villages to coastal seaweed foraging to salmon smokehouse experiences to traditional Irish farming excursions with local cheeses and sheep milk ice cream tastings, the realm of the gourmand on the Emerald Isle proves not only vast, but also dynamic and revolutionary.

As a member of Virtuoso’s Culinary Community, Adams & Butler invites travellers along an enchanting journey to taste, feel, and experience all that this magical country has to offer through its cuisine. We immerse them into the country’s culture by chaperoning them through villages and towns where they will consume the freshest regional produce and engage with the personable, welcoming local providers.

Irish Chronicles | The Evolution of the Irish Culinary Scene

Adams & Butler has been hosting a 30-minute weekly series called ‘The Irish Chronicles’, which offers privileged access to private people and places. The inaugural episode explores ‘The Evolution of the Irish Culinary Scene’ and features guests Jordan Bailey of Aimsir, Patrick Guilbaud of Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, Darina Allen of Ballymaloe Cookery School, & Adam Afoullouss of Ancient Permaculture & Organics.

Michelin two-starred restaurants Aimsir and Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud capture the fine dining offerings available on the Emerald Island. While Aimsir celebrates everything that can be grown, harvested, fished and foraged in Ireland, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud highlights contemporary Irish cooking whilst reflecting its classic French roots. More and more high-end restaurants continue to open across the country, demonstrating the culinary renaissance emerging in Ireland. Adams & Butler’s The Evolution of the Irish Culinary Scene itinerary provides a snapshot of the remarkable culinary experiences you can partake in when visiting Ireland. Link to itinerary here:

The Evolution of the Irish Culinary Scene: HERE.

Furthermore, in the episode, Darina Allen of Ballymaloe Cookery School and local Connemara expert Padraic O’Raigne discuss the opportunity for travellers to partake in both cooking classes and local foodie excursions during their Irish holiday. Padraic, for instance, conducts a live demonstration on the webinar of how the Aran Islanders preserved their fish to last through the harsh Atlantic winter and enjoy a seafood buffet feast.

To watch the recording of ‘The Evolution of the Irish Culinary Scene’ from ‘The Irish Chronicles,’ click HERE.

Foodie Experiences in Ireland

Beyond cooking classes, Adams & Butler invites travellers to consume the freshest regional produce and engage with the personable, welcoming local providers. One such provider is permaculturalist Adam Afoullouss of Ancient Organics. The term permaculture combines the words permanent and culture, or permanent and agriculture. It is a system of cultivation intended to maintain permanent agriculture or horticulture by relying on renewable resources and a self-sustaining ecosystem. Visit Adam in West Cork not only to learn about farming in Ireland, but also to contribute to the growing sustainable movement.

Other local foodie experiences include seaweed foraging and cheese farm visits. Both of these experiences provide holiday-goers with a hands-on activity that goes beyond the mere act of consuming food and beverage. Guests develop an appreciation for the planet given that these two offerings truly immerse them into nature. Seaweed foraging fosters an exploration of the coast and the wild Atlantic way; whereas, the cheese farm visits encourages a deeper understanding of farming practices and produce. The itineraries Gourmet Ireland, Wild Atlantic Seaweed Explorer, and Artisanal Cheeses of Ireland outline the plethora of culinary excursions to participate in when visiting Ireland. Link to itineraries here:

Gourmet Ireland: HERE
Wild Atlantic Seaweed Explorer: HERE
Artisanal Cheeses of Ireland: HERE

Overall, Adams & Butler’s central objective is to foster memories and indescribable personal moments for our clients. We believe our culinary experiences do just that. They allow for customers to garner a deeper appreciation for the natural world, history, local communities and even themselves all in luxurious comfort.

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