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Dolphin Island



Expect to be indulged and pampered by Dolphin Island host Dawn and her friendly Fijian team. This is, after all, your own 14 acre private gem, available on an exclusive-use badi for up to eight lucky guests as a time. Dine on freshly caught fish and delicious Indo-Fijian fare prepared by Dawn herself, who is also happy to share her culinary secrets. Aquatic adventure include taking a dip in the infinity pool, diving pristine coral reefs, kayaking and fishing. With tropical wood floors and dreamy island interiors courtesy of renowned designer Virginia Fisher, the four airy guest bures embody the surrounding South Pacific paradise. 


The Island Located just 20 minutes by boat from shore, on the tip of Viti Levu, Fiji, Dolphin Island nestles like a precious jewel, surrounded by crystal-clear waters. Following arrival at Nadi International Airport, guests can travel for 2.5 hours by private car (included within tariff), or choose to transfer by float plane or helicopter to Dolphin Island. The island's own private boat will then transfer guests to their own private island retreat where on arrival, they will be immediately enveloped by the beauty and luxurious accommodation that awaits. 
Map co-ordinates: -17.304524, 178.226690


This stunning 14-acre private retreat boasts a plethora of accommodations designed with the utmost care. The main bure, with its traditional palm-thatched roof and architecturally detailed elevation holds centre court, with a pair picturesque guest bure suites sitting to each side in perfect harmony. 


  • 14-acre private retreat
  • Children of all ages are welcomed warmly 
  • Dining & Cuisine Meals are delicious and feature fresh produce, with many flavors and ingredients unique to Fijian cuisine
  • Hilltop sleep out bure 

At A Glimpse

The Dolphin Island experience is uniquely bespoke, so if you are considering coming to visit we encourage you to talk with us about all Dolphin Island can offer. 

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